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Kids view

Hi its Wade here and we are in Kununurra and we are doing somthing called the B.B.Q boat where you go on a boat and have drinks and meals and even one of them is a 2 story:p not to tease. we are at a caravan park called Hidden Valley and here are the things that they have: Shop,pool,shade,grass,2 camp kitchens and you can get all of the tours and stuff from reception. When we went to the shop on one of the shelves there were big tedies and they were Donkey and Puss i wanted puss but i was maybe allowed to get it the next day:). In Kununurra there is a skate park and last time i went there i was riding my bike and fell on to a metal rail and slid down on my rude part. :p                                 P.S Dan is not AWESOME I AM MU HA HA im innocent :p            From Wadee!!!

p>Heyy it’s dan we have had quite an adventure so far and it has been SO FUN!!!!!!! (sorry to tease you) 🙂  we’ve been doin so many fun things in so many different places. we’re in Broome right now and its my favourite place for a few things mostly because of the ice-creamery but also because of …. well almost everything.got to go so I’ll talk later and no Jacob I dont know much about the french.

P.S. IM AWESOME and hello to my class in karratha.

From Dan


2 Responses to “Kids view”

  1. Jacob Kent said

    Hi How’s your trip around Australia going? How’s school we are doing a assignment on France. What do you know about France? How is Wade ?

  2. Josh said

    Hi guys just been catching up on your blog on the train, sounds like you’ve been having a hoot. Dan tell your mum to let you guys on the blog to post some more of your views. Take care guys. Josh

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