Lewis' Exploring Oz

On and off the beaten track…………………….


The Lewis: Joel, Michelle, Daniel (11) and Wade (8).

The Lewis: Joel, Michelle, Daniel (11) and Wade (8).

Hi and welcome.  We are the Lewis’ and we are going to be living our dream of traversing this magnificent country of ours.

Head of the clan is Joel, keeping things in check is Michelle  and adding to and enjoying the ride are our two boys, Daniel (11) and Wade (8) oops he’s 9 now as of 22nd May.

We can’t wait to share our experiences with you, so please come and share our journey as we travel this great, big country.


2 Responses to “About”

  1. Connie said

    Hiya Lewis Family, Have just checked into your blog for the first time…..it’s fantastic! I will settle down later with a cuppa and catch up on all of you goss. Yes, I know I should have done this earlier but you guys have been out of sight and out of mind! My chat with Jasmine this monring reminded me to look you up. Have now added your blog to favorites so will be in regular contact. Daniel and Katie bought a house in Beeliar, settlement date is 27th so they are busy packing, the move will be on the 28th with all hands on deck. Keep having a wonderful time and stay safe. XXX Connie PS Where is spell check?

  2. Connie said

    Forgot to mention…..My friend, Anne Jongedyk and her partner, own Parry Creek Farm just out of Wyndham. If you get there say hello and let her know you are my cousins! Are you going that way? XXX Connie

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