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Port Elliot and Adelaide – Nov 2011

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on December 7, 2011

Port Elliot with sun

Port Elliot gorgeous water-colour

Hi Everyone,

We took the hilly, windy road from Wirrina Cove to Port Elliot, passing through some beautiful and green pastureland.  We navigated through Victor Harbour and decided to stay out at Port Elliot on the advice of Joel’s cousin John and so glad we did.  It’s one of those quintessential family holiday parks right on the beachfront.  The park is quite full for this time of year and we learnt that it is a popular weekend getaway for the locals and we could understand why.  It’s a beautiful park and right on the beachfront of Horseshoe Bay, which is a popular and safe swimming beach.  The day we arrived was glorious, sunny and hot so the kids went for a swim in the ocean after setting up.  They came back later, looking a little bit blue as even though it’s sunny the water is still quite cold.  We went over to Joel’s cousin house to catch up over a few beers and nibbles.  John and Marilyn are really lovely people and Nicholas was entertaining the boys on the Play station – they were in heaven!! We went back to the van where Joel made us

Horseshoe Bay

Traffic light drinks

chicken burritos for dinner. The next day was Sunday and saw a huge exodus of people from the caravan park.  We did lots of housekeeping and washing as we hadn’t washed any clothes while we were on Kangaroo Island and the kids caught up on some schoolwork too.  These are THE most expensive washing machines we have ever used in the entire trip around Australia.  Even Coober Pedy, which has to reverse-osmosis their water wasn’t this expensive at $5 a load and they were the little washing machines too!! John, Marilyn and Nicholas came to visit us at the caravan park and Nicholas and Wade braved the temperature and went for a body surf at the beach.  Once they were back, showered and dried off we headed off to the local pub in Port Elliot for dinner and drinks.  The bartender made the kids some traffic light drinks which looked really great and no, there was no alcohol in them.  Mostly it was green cordial, orange juice and grenadine and layered to resemble a traffic light, with green at the bottom, orange in the middle and red on the top.  They were quite a hit! We headed back home and noticed that the weather

Interesting cloud formations

Storm rolling in

has turned and they are expecting rain tonight and tomorrow:( I went for a

Other side of Horseshoe Bay

walk along the cliff top which overlooks the bay and watched the clouds roll in.  Even getting dark this is still a beautiful spot.  Next day we thought we’d head into Victor Harbour to check out the place as it’s only about 8-10 kms down the road.  We stopped in town, along the beach, for lunch then walked across the jetty/bridge to Granite Island.  The water is quite shallow, low tide i think, and the colours of the water are beautiful.  The Island is home to a group of Little Penguins and there is a kiosk/cafe and a penguin centre on the island as well.  The penguin centre opens at night for tours to see the Little Penguins but we won’t be staying for that.  We walked over to the island but you can catch a tram that runs normally, but the track is being worked on at the moment so we walked.  The paths are nearly all bituminised or boardwalk so it’s quite an easy walk with a few uphill sections thrown in.  The sun was shinning when we left and the walk was quite warm.  The view was amazing from the island, which was once joined to the mainland but is now a granite island, with the land mass having eroded away over time.  We had just finished our walk and were about to start back along the jetty when the rain came down so we bunkered down for a drink and ice-creams while we waited out the rain.  Back to camp and then off to

Walking over to Granite Island

Looking back toward Victor Harbour

More orange lichen

John and Marilyn’s place for dinner tonight.  They are making home-made pizzas for tea which sounds yummy – and they were.  Marilyn has started painting and showed me some of her artwork, which was very good and has won her some prizes too.  The pizzas were divine and John shared his secret sauce which we’ll be sure to get next time we’re shopping.  After a few more drinks we bid them farewell and thanked them for their fantastic hospitality.

We packed up the next morning with the weather still a bit overcast and windy and headed into Adelaide.  We are staying at the Big4 Adelaide Shores Caravan Park which is

Little fella on Granite Is

Wade entertaining us on our walk

Lots of pigface

another great little holiday park, right on the beachfront.  We got an ensuite site as we’ll be here for a week and the weather is supposed to change for the worse for a few days too.  We set up and then the boys were off as there is a jumping pillow here. They were over at that pillow everyday and most of the day, practising their jumps and somersaults.  There is a boardwalk right up and down the beachfront, great for cycling or walking which we did both.  I spent most of the next day trying to sort out applications for Daniel and Wade for school next year.  Daniel will be in Year 8, which is the first year of high school here in WA so sorting out his

Just before the rain

Ovens Valley Homestead view

options is a bit more tricky than Wade’s who will be in Year 6 in Primary school.  Writing those application letters can be quite tricky so I rang a few friends for advice, which they freely gave and I’ll thank you all personally if he gets in!  Joel’s cousin Sharon, her son Kaine and her mum Val come over to the park for a visit.  The boys took Kaine to the pool and then we lost them to the jumping pillow again! It was lovely to catch up with them and catch up on family news.  They both looked amazingly well and happy too. The next day we went shopping with the kids, always fun, and sorted out a few bits and pieces.  Unbeknownst to us the weather had changed to very windy and a storm warning had been issued.  We got back to our caravan to find two lovely gentlemen, holding onto our awning and trying to fix it with cable ties as the awning itself had ripped a bit.  We thanked them profusely, then set about bringing in the awning as the wind was just ridiculous and it was also starting to rain quite heavily too.  Now suddenly, it’s not so great being by the beach but am very thankful for the ensuite, so we can hide

Flight from Melb to Ade

some of our gear in this weather. The next day the storm had passed which I was thankful for as I am off

Sunset at CP in Adelaide

on a trip back to Victoria for a 25year school reunion, for the catholic school I attended for a awhile. It was a bit unreal as this is the first time since we started our trip that I have been apart from Joel and the boys!  I settled into the short flight from Adelaide to Melbourne, where I got a hire car and headed up to Wangaratta to see my sister.  It was great catching up with Dianna as she has just returned from a trip back to Italy where she managed to catch up with some relatives we didn’t even know we had over there and she had some brilliant photos and lots of information for me.  The school reunion was in Myrtleford, starting in the afternoon with drinks and an informal catch up, followed by dinner and drinks.  It was great to see and catch up with these people I went to school with so many years ago and playing guess who that is, etc.  The reunion was at the Ovens Valley Homestead which is just out-of-town in the most beautiful valley ever (I know, a bit biased) and we were the only guests, which was lucky as we drank and partied till the wee hours, some more wee than others! A big kudos to the organisers of the event who

Colours in the sky b4 storm

Spaceship in paddock

spent a lot of their time and energy into making sure we all had a great night, complete with photos and a slide presentation from way back when.  Breakfast was a less formal affair with lots of last-minute catch ups and farewells and promises to do this all again.  My only regret is that I was enjoying myself so much I forgot to take photos! I picked up my Mum, who still lives in town and we headed off to a lovely cafe for brunch, although it was nearly lunch by the time we ate.  We had a walk around the town as it has a few new statues, plaques etc and it was just nice catching up.  I farewelled mum and took a short drive out-of-town to the local cemetery where I went to visit Dad’s grave as it is 21 years to the day since he passed away. I headed back to Wang to see my sister again before travelling back down the highway to Melb to catch the plane back to Adelaide and my boys!  While I was away, they had caught up with Sharon and Val a few times both at the caravan park and at Sharon’s house. Joel to had been enjoying himself and we have only just realised that we took no photos of the family, doh! When the boys picked

Grasshopper in paddock

me up from the airport we tried to go out for dinner but it was nearly 9pm and nothing was open much, so to the boys delight, Maccas it was!  The next morning we slept in as we were all pretty tired from way too many late nights over the weekend. We had a cruisy day, basking in the sunshine reading whilst the kids played on the jumping pillow for the last time.  We showered and dressed as we are going over to Judy (another of Joel’s cousins) and Gary’s house for dinner.  Judy was a finalist on Masterchef so we were in for a gastronomic treat tonight.  They live a bit closer to the city but it was easy enough to get there, except for an unusual intersection which has 2 different train crossings on it and about a six-way car intersection.  We had to wait about 10-15mins for the trains to pass and then for the lights to change in our favour!  Ah city traffic, haven’t missed it at all! Judy started with a home-made hummus dip with Lebanese bread and some tartlets of basil pesto, goat’s cheese and balsamic, cherry tomatoes which were all very delicious!  Gary went off to work for an hour and we kept Judy company in the kitchen while she whisked up our dinner.  Dinner was pork spare ribs, sliced steak, boiled potatoes, asparagus and beans lightly steamed. It was absolutely delicious!  The kids retreated inside to watch a bit of telly and Wade was a little off his food, which is unusual.  Gary returned just in the nic of time to eat dinner with us too.  We chatted about our lives and caught up on some more family news too.  Wade had taken a turn for the worse, sporting a roaring temperature so we bid a fond farewell to our hosts and took him back to the van to dose him up and hope he sleeps.  He seemed to settle through the night and we packed up the van and headed out of Adelaide the next morning.  We didn’t get far before cries of “I’m gunna be sick” coming from the back.  We pulled over in the middle of some main street and grabbed a bucket for poor old Wade.  He ended up nursing that bucket for a good few hours after that and we made sure to make lots of stops to get some fresh air.  There are some interesting sculptures along the highway out of Adelaide and we tried to snap some photos as we passed them. They were just in someone’s paddock, no signs or anything to say why, just these things. We lunched at Snowtown, Wade wasn’t game to try to eat anything so lots of fluids for him, and then back on the road.  We stopped for fuel at Port Augusta then continued around the coast to Whyalla and down through Cowell.  Just past Cowell is a small holiday place called Port Gibbon and that’s where we decided to pull over into the free camp (#560 in Camps 5 book) for the night.  We got there about 5pm and there were quite a few grey nomads there already, some looked like they’d been there for quite some time.  It is a great, little camping area, right on the beach as well.  We parked up and listened to the fellas there who reckoned we were in for more storms tonight.  They were right, the wind howled and the rain came down so we had an early dinner and read until bedtime, listening to the storm outside.  These are the days/nights I am thankful for a toilet inside the van!.  We didn’t set up much as it’s just an overnight stop and we are off to Port Lincoln tomorrow.

Till Next Time



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