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Waterfall Nirvana

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on October 9, 2011

Lookout near Millaa Millaa

Pastoral country

Track into Souita Falls

Hi Everyone,

After a quiet night in the National Park we decided to head off and see as many of the waterfalls as we can.  While we don’t have the van on we decided to go and see the Souita and Pepina Falls first as the road is very narrow and windy.  We took a wrong turn but it took us to a great lookout of the valley and area so it was okay. The area around here is very pastoral and just gorgeous; hills and valleys for as far as you can see. We headed south of Millaa Millaa and after about 8 kms, turned down a gravel lane for another 8kms.  The walk to the Souita Falls was only about 250m and all through rainforest.  The Falls were quite pretty and I walked down the rocks to try and get a good photo while the kids had a bit

Souita Falls

Top of Souita Falls

Pepina Falls

Me at Millaa Millaa Falls

of an explore.  Back onto the main road and a few more kms south we stopped at the Pepina Falls which were right along the road.  There was a 90m track down to the falls, where we crossed over a few rocks to get beautiful views and shots. We headed back to Millaa Millaa where we stopped at the local Lions Park for some lunch.  There was a huge monument to one of the early settlers of the area, Christie Palmerston who blazed a trail from Herberton to Innisfail which is close to the path the now Palmerston Highway takes. He was often accompanied by his Aboriginal companion, Pompo and there are statues of both of them on the monument.  After lunch we did the very touristy falls circuit which was all bitumen and about a 15km loop.  First stop was the Millaa Millaa Falls.  They were quite high and very impressive.  There is plenty of parking, toilets and change rooms as you can swim in the pool at the base of the falls.  It’s still quite cool so no-one wants to go swimming! Next stop along the circuit was the Zillie Falls. The track only takes you to a side viewing of the falls which was okay except for some trees that have grown since they put in the track.  The last falls of the circuit road were the Ellinjaa Falls.  The walking track was a bit longer than the rest and it took us all the way down to the base of the falls.  They were quite beautiful too and we sat for a

Millaa Millaa Falls

Palmerston Monument

Ellinjaa Falls gorgeous

Zillie Falls

while just watching them and of course lots of photos too. We headed back out towards our camping area and saw a cassowary right on the side of the road.  There was a car already stopped on the other side of the road but we had a huge truck on our tail so we couldn’t even slow down to find somewhere to pull over.  At least we can say now we have seen an adult one in the wild.  We stopped to do a walk for two falls, and the signs are literally right alongside the road.  We pulled off the road to park, grab our water bottles and snacks and off we went.  The track goes into the rainforest for a while then it forks with one fall to the left and the other to the right. We headed off to our left to see the Wallacha Falls.  The tracks are very well marked and not too hard but it didn’t go all the way to the falls as the rains have washed out some of the tracks.  We got to a viewing area to see the falls and you can see the logs on the falls.  There must have been a lot of water rushing through these falls after the rains to move those logs. We back-tracked to the sign for the other falls and then headed off to see them as well. The Tchapala Falls track was similar, all rainforest and hiking tracks.  Unfortunately they haven’t fixed the final steps down to the falls so we took some photos from up the top and I tried to sneak down a bit further to get some shots but the track was just so washed

Silver Falls

Very Photogenic these falls

Wallacha Falls

Tchupala Falls

away and the rocks very unstable.  We headed back to the car and back to camp.  After some drinks and snacks the kids stayed at the van to do some schoolwork while Joel and I walked to the Nandroya Falls.  The walk starts at the Henrietta Ck campground and was about 5.2km return.  The track was pretty good for the most part but very wet in some places, as you would expect from a rainforest area.  We saw a turtle in one of the creeks, lots of birds and fungi as it is very moist in the area.  We passed the Silver Falls which was more like trickle over some rocks but still quite nice.  The Nandroya Falls were amazing.  The main section of falls looked like it was about 50m high and I wouldn’t have wanted to be standing in the water under those falls as the sound was quite deafening so it would have had some kick to it.  There was a set of twin falls just downstream which were also quite beautiful.  It’s a shame the kids didn’t want to come for a walk as they would have loved these falls. After a bit of a rest Joel and I headed back to camp.  We had a few drinks and discussed with the kids which falls they liked the best and why. It makes for some great discussions sometimes.  There are a lot more people camping in the grounds tonight, another few caravans and quite a few vans/backpackers.  During the night a car load of hoons/locals decided to come into our camp

Nandroya Falls no1

Nandroya Falls no2

Nandroya Falls no1 and 2

Colourful Fungi

Joel and huge Strangler Fig Tree

area, do a few bog laps with music blaring and sat around for a while partying.  I think one of the other neighbours may have said something as they packed up and left finally.

Next day we packed up and headed out of town towards Ravenshoe, pronounced Rave-ens-hoe, which is the highest town in Queensland at 920m above sea level.  It’s a very pretty, little town and the two old ladies at the Visitors Centre were just lovely.  There is a huge wind turbine farm just on the outskirts of town as you

Little Millstream Falls

Turtle on Nandroya Falls walk

Bush pool at Henrietta Ck camp

Wind Turbine farm at Ravenshoe

enter from the north. We left there and went to see the Little Millstream Falls, just out of town, on some gravel road. Thankfully the road wasn’t too bad or too much gravel either.  Luckily we were the only ones there so we could park up the caravan for an easy exit later.  It was a short 1.4km hike down to the falls with brilliant views of the falls on the way down.  The falls spilled into a large open pool area but once again it is a bit too cool still to swim in the mornings. The weather looks really sunny but it was still very cool!  We sat and watched some of the bird life for a while then hiked back to the car.  Back on the main road for a bit until turned off to the Big Millstream Falls.  They are reputedly the widest falls in Australia and the walk to the viewing area is a graded track with wheelchair access but is very steep. The trip down was easy; the walk back up was a good calf workout! The falls were quite nice but not as much water flowing as I thought.  Of the two I actually thought the Little Millstream Falls were the prettiest. We headed off southwards and stopped for lunch at the Innot Hot Springs. We were all starving so decided on burgers again for lunch, which were delicious.  There is a caravan park here at the Springs that has been run down for a while but a new, young couple have taken it on and seem to be doing all the right things with the place.

Little Millstream falls again

Big Millstream Falls

Innot Hot Springs med heat


If you stay at the caravan park, you can visit the hot spring pools for free but we paid an entry fee of I think it was $7 for and adult and $3.50 for kids.  After lunch we got into our bathers/togs and dipped our feet into s few of the pools. One was a cool plunge pool but there were several pools of varying degrees of heat to choose from.  They even have some indoors that are really hot and kids are not allowed in them.  We got into one of them and just sat for a while chatting to some people then tried another one which was a bit hotter.  After a while it just got too hot for us so we jumped into the cold pool to cool off a bit.  We stayed for about an hour or so until we were all prunish and wrinkled! We changed and headed off down the track as we are headed to the Undarra Volcanic National Park to camp for a couple of days.

Cool plunge pools

Till Next time



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  1. Marge Hynoski said

    So I am a bit behind in my reading…Greg lived in Mareeba for 15 years….If you wanted to see a cassowary, there was one on a fitness track in Cairns and it used to attack the joggers…might still be there…

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