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Our Cape Trip -Part 6

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on October 3, 2011

Canal Ck again

Whoops Canal Ck exit

Noel doing Canal Ck exit

Hi Everyone,

We met Noel and Wendy who were travelling in a T-van and asked us a few questions about the next two creeks up the OTL track.  Joel and I discussed it and offered to tag-along with them on our way to Vrilya Point.  It worked out just as quick to travel back up the OTL then cut back to the by-pass rd and we missed all those beautiful corrugations too! We went through Canal Creek again and it was interesting to see how much the track had changed in just a week.  Noel crossed the water just fine but

Sam's Ck again

Alternate exit in Sam's Ck

Sam's Ck falls and pool

took a fair bit of time contemplating the track out. After walking it a few times he jumped back in the car and decided to give it a go and did a brilliant job with Joel up front lending a hand.  By this stage we’d acquired a few more vehicles; most notably Lyn and John whom we had met back at lunch at Fruit Bat Falls.  We carried on to do Sam’s Creek again and unfortunately no-one was spotting Joel across so he was too far across and the rear left tyre slipped on one of the rocks on entry and pushed the rear tool box up into the tray. Not too bad but will need to be bashed out when we finish the trip. Noel and Wendy did it nice and easy as did John and Lyn, although he nearly lost his ladder off the back bouncing

Crystal Ck log bridge

Dirk with car troubles

up and out of the water. We watched another guy do this crossing who decided the water was too deep and took the left-hand track which was very steep into the water but he too did it fairly easily, if very slowly!  I took a walk down a path to the left of the crossing

lunch at Vyrilia Point

and there are actually some little falls and a great little swimming area here which we missed on the first go through.  It was just beautiful. We carried on and took the access track back out to the by-pass rd and bid farewell to Wendy and Noel and continued on to Vrilya Point with Lyn and John.  About 4kms in we crossed another log bridge, over Crystal

More sand spaghetti

Lighthouse Shipwreck at Vrilya Pt

Creek, which was not unlike Cypress Creek bridge, but, although the logs were bigger so were the gaps between them! Still Joel picked his line and I spotted him up and we did it easy as did John and Lyn.  A

Vrilya Pt Lookout

car pulled up and we recognized the Germans, Dirk and Sigrid again and they were having car trouble it seemed.  They stuck with us out to Vrilya Point and we went down to the beach to have lunch while John and Lyn carried on up the beach as they are camping here for a few days.  After lunch we drove down the beach to an old ship wreck, called the Lightship Wreck and had a bit more of an explore. The beach is beautiful too and we drove up to Vrilya

Joel and I at Vrilya Pt

Vrilya Beach at low tide

Point and had a look then headed back to the track and stopped at the lookout for a quick photo and snacks.  The tide was right out and you could see for miles. It would be a great place to camp and there are some new toilets in the Red  Beach Campground now too.  We met up with Dirk again and he said they’d head to Eliot Falls and Joel said he’d catch up with him with some tools.  The track out to Vrilya wasn’t too bad, some patches of corrugations but overall pretty good.  We stopped and found some more wood which when we burnt it later had a really nice smell to it, not quite sandalwood but similar. Back to camp and the kids got to work chopping up the wood and Joel caught up with Dirk and they both thought it was a dodgy solenoid.  They will set off tomorrow for Weipa and see to getting it sorted.  A quick

Back over log bridge

Exhaust repairs

The Saucepan was just too relaxing

swim then dinner and bed.
Spent the next day just chilling out, swimming, reading and writing.  We had roast beef and veggies for tea – yummy yum! Met the neighbours, who were the couple we had met at our first crossing on the OTL, Brett and Joanne.  She does some lovely paintings and gave us one of her paintings of Fraser Island, thanks Jo!
We decided on a change of plans and stayed an extra day here  and not go to Chili Beach again, mostly ‘cos there’s nowhere to swim or any fresh water and it’s

Lunch at Bramwell Junction Roadhouse

Moreton Telegraph Station

Moreton Telegraph camp

only 41/2 months to Chrissy and we need to be back in WA for it so we’ll keep on moving on! Spent the day swimming and planning next lot of adventures and making some fresh bread for lunch tomorrow.
After packing up we headed down for one last swim to freshen up and jumped in the car. About a km down the track I asked Wade a question and we realized it was very quiet and he wasn’t in the car! He’d walked down to a tap on the lower campground to wash off his feet and we’d left without him! Ha ha – we kid about it all the time but it was funny! Back

Sunset at Moreton

Beachfront camping at Weipa

Beach at Weipa CP

on the PDR and the dusty and corrugated track to Bramwell junction. We decided on burgers for lunch instead and pushed on to Moreton Telegraph Station. We paid the princely sum of $10 an adult and nothing for the kids and set up under a couple of big old mango trees. We took a walk around the property, tried fishing in the Wenlock (again no luck) but we did see a decent sized bull shark in the river! We walked out to Cave Creek which is indeed a creek in a cave but there was no water flowing so it was a little disappointing, but a good walk none-the -less. Kids lit a fire and we had toasted sandwiches as we were still full from the massive burgers at lunch! We watched the sun set and met up with Brett and Jo again and enjoyed the beautiful starry night. Next morning as we were packing up we found a little green tree frog on the tent awning.  I went to get him onto a piece of paper but he decided he liked my arm better so I took him over to the water tanks and let him go.
Before we knew it we were back in Weipa and decided on an un-powered site and right down on the beachfront with magnificent views!  Joel fixed the tail light (bolt had come loose, damn corrugations!) and I took some of the bends out of the running board. Swimming in the pool was order of the afternoon then tacos for tea with front row seats to a gorgeous sunset over the water. Our neighbours set up half-way into our site and even though we showed them earlier they

Bridge to North Weipa

Red Beach at Weipa

Shiploading at Weipa Port

continued to set up and encroach upon us.  That night we carefully backed the car in to cook and for light but couldn’t get the fridge out and when they asked if we were okay, I told them, politely, what I thought.
Next day we took a drive around the place, out to Red Beach where people were still fishing even though high tides was hours ago. We checked our mail only to be told that it can take weeks to come to Weipa as it has to come on the barge from Cairns – great! I left an express post satchel pre-addressed

Weipa Sunset

Puddles and holes on the PDR

Smooth gravel highway

to my cousin in Cairns and prayed it would make it there before we left Cairns! When we finally returned to camp the neighbours had dropped their awning down (they did have one on the other side) so we could open our fridge and park the car! More swimming and writing in the arvo with another beautiful sunset with brilliant colours too as there has been a lot of smoke around!
We left Weipa and heeded back down the PDR.  The road didn’t improve until we got past the Musgrave Roadhouse where it has just been graded so it was like a highway – very nice. We stopped at the Hann River Roadhouse and decided to camp here for the night. The camping area has a lot of trees and shade and a few

Resident emu at Hann River RH

Bare-chested wrestling

Peacock at Hann River RH

resident emus, kookaburras and peacocks too. Joel and I went for a walk along the river and found some more “clothes-peg nuts” which I kept as I am going to have a bowl or something for our coffee table with all of the different and unusual things we have collected on our trip. We went over for a few drinks at the “pub” and sat around the fire which was housed in an old washing machine tub – very cool!
Till next time


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