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Our Cape York Trip – Part 3

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on September 29, 2011

Fruit Bat Falls Pana

Eliot Falls Camp

Eliot Falls

Boys and Eliot Falls

Hi Everyone,
We made it to the Eliot Falls Campground about 1pm, found a great, huge site, pulled in and thought lunch was a splendid idea! We set up the tent and tarp for shade and cover then raced downtown check out the falls. The are two different falls here and a swimming area too, which are easily accessed via a gravel track and some board walks.  We went to the Eliot Falls first (It used to be called Indian Head Falls), walked down a bit from the falls and climbed down to the water. We climbed in and swam up the river to the falls, where the kids found a spot to climb up the falls to the top so they could jump off. It was heaven! We spent a few hours

Eliot Falls another view

Downstream of Eliot Falls

here and the falls are just gorgeous. At the top of the falls it is quite shallow with a few deep, sandy-bottomed holes. They were good to sit in, like small pools! We headed back to camp, started the fire and the kids got into their diaries while we got dinner ready.

Upper Twin Falls

Unfortunately we found the gas bottle has been leaking through a loose connection at the stove so where possible, we’ll make a fire and cook on it! Hopefully, we can get gas at Bamaga or Seisia.  Quiet night around the fire, I think we’re missing the antics and fun from the last few nights with the SA mob!
Bit of rain overnight but still managed a small fire to boil the billy and heat up some milk for brekky. We decided to head off down

Dan jumping off Eliot Falls

Wade jumping off Eliot Falls

the track back to Fruit Bat Falls, only about 9kms away. We travelled back through Scrubby Ck and onto the falls. OMG- they are breathtakingly beautiful falls! There’s no camping at Fruit Bat Falls but there was a bus in there at 10:30. Then they left and we had the place to ourselves for about one and half hours. It was magic! The falls are shaped like open bat wings and there are lots of pools and sandy areas to swim. We all climbed up the falls and jumped off into the water, cooling off and enjoying ourselves. We

Upper and lower Twin Falls

kicked back with our books for a while and I took about a million photos, trying different settings! I found heaps more of the pitcher plants and I’ve seen the beautiful Ulysses blue butterfly again,

Twin Falls

Boys at Twin Falls

twice! -but it never stops still so it’s bloody hard to photograph – but I’ll keep trying! We stopped for lunch here at the picnic tables near the car park and met some other people traveling the cape as well.  (Turns put we would meet them further down the track too.). We collected more firewood on our way back to camp. Daniel is getting very good with an axe now and still has all his toes too! Wade wants to have a go so badly (he suffers from big brother envy a bit) but we’d really like him to keep his toes all intact, so maybe when he’s grown a bit bigger-maybe! Joel made a chilli con carne again and I made up some bread mix. We tag-teamed the kids while the fire was going as we didn’t want to leave it

Boys at Fruit Bat Falls

Fruit Bat Falls again

Side view of Fruit Bat Falls

unattended! While Joel cooked and my bread was proving, I swam with the kids at the falls, then I headed back to finish my bread and Joel came down to swim with the kids. Unfortunately the handle on my big saucepan broke off while I was trying to lift the rice off the fire. It didn’t burn me  but a good deal of the water dampened my coals but luckily we still had enough to cook my bread so all good in the end! The fire cooking has definitely taken its toll on my saucepans so it looks like I get a full, new set when we finally move back into a real house eventually! We’ve got some new neighbors tonight who have invited us over for drinks as it’s a 40th birthday celebration. We headed over for drinks after dinner

Dan and Wade jumping off FBFalls

Pools at top of FBFalls

and joined in the celebrations. Good music and great company too – it was a fabulous night.  Wade was having a ball and hit it off very well with Paul’s daughters Mackenzie and Alex.  These guys are traveling as a group of 4 vehicles and call themselves the Winging

Falls at the Saucepan

It Crew! Paul, Maz, Mackenzie and Alex, Kristina and Andrew and Andy, Karen and Jayden are all from around Bundy/Bargara area and Andy, Amanda and Darcy (cute as a button) are from Alice. We also met a German family who are traveling who are visiting and doing the Cape trip also. Big night but great night, even drank some of Paul’s special rum, can’t say I’m a convert though.
Next day was pretty quiet and I managed to catch up on some blog

All the boys jumping off the falls

Swimming at the Saucepan

entries and the kids with their diaries. We went swimming at “The Saucepan” today. It is a shallow set of falls but a nice deep area so it’s a much better swimming hole! I took a walk upstream and found more rapids and some huge rock pools. I’ve stopped counting my photos as there are just way too many, but the place is so beautiful it’s hard not to keep clicking away! The kids went back to do bombies at Eliot Falls with Joel and I wandered around Twin Falls to get some lovely photos and do some exploring as well.  Back at camp Daniel was unloading some big logs from on top of the car when one of them bounced a bit off course and crushed one of the plastic buckets and dinted my Billy -mmmmmm! More bread-making and dinner then back to the neighbors for a few more drinks and catch up!

The Saucepan at Eliot Campground

They are  such a great, warm and genuine bunch of people.  Earlier night this time as we are heading up the rest of the OTL track in the morning.
Till next time


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