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Bundy, Bargara, Agnes Water and Mooranbah June-July 11

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on September 2, 2011

Beachfront at Bargara CP

Fairymead House and Sugar Museum

Hi Everyone,
We left Hervey Bay this morning after a last stop at the supermarket and decided to stay out at Bargara as it is on the beach Bundaberg is inland a bit.  Also school holidays have started in Queensland but weather is cloudy and cool so we could be in with a chance. We stayed at the Absolute Ocean Front Tourist Park which is a small, old park but very nice. It’s right on the ocean front but there is no beach or sand just rocks, which doesn’t really matter as it cloudy and rainy so we’re not swimming anyway! We set up camp, the kids did some schoolwork, went for a walk then read for the rest of the arvo- a nice relaxing arvo. The CP owner has given us a key for the ladies amenities – he locks the door at nights so the ladies will feel safer, very old-fashioned but lovely.
Next day we stopped at the visitors centre in Bundaberg to see what we could do on a Sunday. We decided not to do the Bundaberg Distillery tour as we’re not rum drinkers and the kids would’ve

View of gardens from balcony

Stained glass ceiling inert

Post that boys interpreted

been too bored. Instead we went out to Fairymead House and Sugar Museum. The grounds/gardens were amazing and it was interesting to read about the history and current workings of the sugar cane industry. We have seen so many sugar cane farms and only a few were being burnt. The kids, and us, found the information to be very interesting – there was a short video on the history of sugar cane farming in the area which was short but informative. Then we walked through the grounds to the Botanical Gardens, passing through a lovely

Japanese garden waterway

Wade planking on train tracks

Let the train ride begin

Japanese garden. We followed the lagoons, full of water lilies and many different birds to Cafe 1928. We all had burgers for lunch sitting outside in the sun in the gardens. As it is Sunday, there is a sugar cane steam train that cruises around the park doing 2 full laps, so you can get a great view of the park- it was good fun too! There is also an aviation museum here called the Hinkler Hall of Aviation. It’s supposed to be very good with lots of interactive exhibits for the kids, but we’d not long been to the Australian War Memorial and the aviation museum in there was quite good so we decided to give it a miss.
Next stop was the Bundaberg Barrel, where we passed through a short history on the Bundaberg Brewing Co and the origins of the famous ginger beer! They have some interactive things for the kids to do about the origins and formation of the bubbles in the ginger beer. The 3D hologram at the end of the tour was bad and corny- even the kids couldn’t watch it. We stopped and had a tasting in the showroom – I’m not partial to ginger beer but quite liked the lemon, lime and bitters drink and the peach too! Wade is now a convert and tells me he likes ginger beer better than coke! Hallelujah! We selected a mixed 6pack and headed back to drink our new-found favourites.
Joel and Daniel went for a run and Wade a bike ride on the paths along the beaches back in Bargara. I had bit of peace and quiet for about 1/2 hr or so- it was



bliss! After dinner we watched another episode of our favorite series atm, called Veronica Mars. The weather in the morning was sunny but turned to rainy patches and quite cool in the afternoon.
A quick pack up and headed off but only have about 130kms to go today as we’re heading to Agnes Water /1770. We drove out to 1770 but the campground was full – it is school holidays after all! We drove back towards Agnes Water and decided to check out a caravan park near the beach. It’s called the Agnes Water Beach Caravan Parkand is very nice. It’s not a massive park but we lucked a site big enough for us and Joel booked us in for 3 nights. The only bugger of it was that we couldn’t quite park up properly on the site as the roads were very narrow and the campers opposite us had left their cars parked on the edge of the road. They’d gone for a bike ride so we had lunch and chatted to their parents who would’ve moved the cars for us but their son had taken the keys! Nearly 2 hrs later (and 2 wash loads later too) the riders came back so we could back the van onto

Kids being oh so cool at the beach

Agnes Water CP beach

Sunset surf

our site. After set up it was bliss. I can understand why this place is so popular, especially now in the school holidays. There is a great beach and surf beach right at the caravan park. The kids spent two days bodysurfing and I walked along the beach and found these amazingly colourful rocks.  There were reds, yellow and even blues and greens, which is probably from some copper leaching out somewhere. We just chilled out swimming, surfing(not me of course), drinking and eating basically for 2 days! We did go for a drive out to 1770 to check out the place but even parking was hard as it was so packed out – and we aren’t able to just squeeze into a lot of places now:) The beach at the caravan park was very safe

Colourful sand stone rock

and we had no dramas about letting Daniel and Wade go down by themselves for a while. The kids caught up on some schoolwork, Joel with car maintenance and me on the blog:) It’s a great little town with a servo, supermarket and some residential areas too. Reluctantly we left Agnes Waters (because it was so beautiful and relaxing) and headed north. We are traveling towards Mooranbah where we will meet up with Nigel, Anessa, Sachin and Samir; some very good friends from Karratha who have moved over here. We drove up the Bruce

Joel watching kids in the surf

Beach panorama

Highway to Rockhampton, then veered left and stopped overnight at a free camp, #321 in the Camps5 book at a little place called Duaringo. What a beautiful place to stop overnight or even for a couple of days. You can pull right up off the road and there is a lovely little park and lots of trees and shade towards the back of the area. There’s also plenty of room for big rigs like us too! There are toilets and for a gold coin donation, showers with hot water too! The kids had a ball playing in the park and generally having a good time running amok. Joel and I kicked back with a few bevvies and a couple of good books! We bought some crumbed, frozen fish from the servo/store, 2 pkts cost us $25, but figured a meal out for 4 would’ve cost so much more;) especially with the two horses we are feeding at the moment! There’s no power but we had the solar panels and you’re allowed to run

Boys working on rotissiere

Daniel and Samir

generators if need be.
We arrived at Mooranbah and it’s a lot like Karratha only smaller. We parked up at the Coal Country Caravan Parkand they had a nice, big site for us too. It’s not a tourist park or town for that matter, definitely a mining town for sure. The give away is lots of aluminum foil covering the windows, which is indicative of shift workers; that and the number of mining 4×4 and orange and fluoro workwear. Nigel and Anessa invited us over on sat arvo for drinks and a BBQ/webber meal of lamb and chicken. Anyone who has ever been fortunate enough to be a guest of Nigel and Anessa knows how good a cook they are and how very hospitable. We had a fantastic afternoon catching up for lost time! Nigel was trying out his new rotissierie invention for the BBQ. Unfortunately there was too much meat for the little engine so he resorted to plan b, the webber:) The food was absolutely delicious and the fried haloumi cheese was an enormous success! It is very addictive

Wade and Sachin

Iced chocolate = yummy

Anessa! Daniel and Wade played with Sachin and even had a play with Samir too. Steve Dury came over for dinner also, another ex-Karratha and ex-Burrup worker as well. Good hearing them swapping stories and joke over many beers and drinks. We even tried out Nigel’s new 3D glasses for his tv. Wade introduced Sachin to his Nintendo DS and he was hooked! Looks like Santa might be pressed for one of these i feel:) After a very late night and way too many drinks for the boys we headed back to the caravan. We met up for brekky at the ‘Workmans Club’ where the meals were enormous! There was so much bacon and eggs that even Wade and Daniel left a piece or two ‘cos they were so full! Or maybe that was to make room for their iced chocolates?!!
We headed or rather rolled back to Nigel’s for more socializing and couldn’t believe how quickly the 2 days had passed. It was so good to see and spend time with them and meet Samir for the first time too, as Anessa was still pregnant when we left Karratha last year. They all looked so well and

Blues Brothers???

we felt so lucky that they would share their house and themselves with us all weekend. It seemed like only yesterday we had last seen them, not a year! Amazingly wonderful friends, it was great to see you guys. After many farewells we headed back to the caravan to pack down and get some sleep. Tomorrow we are off to Airlie Beach.
Till next time


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