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Airlie Beach and Towns again July 11

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on September 2, 2011

Boardwalk view

Saunders Beach and Harbour

Hi Everyone,
It was an easy pack down at Mooranbah – we’re getting into quite a good routine with our set-up and pack-down. Originally the kids had their own jobs to do but now they know what needs to be done and they just jump in and do what needs to be done. Daniel is so big now that he can help Joel with a lot of the things that i used to do and Wade is amazing too, doing lots of things without having to be asked:) We stopped at a rest area in Eton for lunch, across the road from the pub, which was quite busy for a Monday! We had lots of yummy left overs from Anessa (thanks Aneesa) and we used the microwave to heat them up, using the inverter which is charged from the solar panels. After a few minutes Wade saw some smoke coming from the front of the van and Joel smelt a burning smell. The wires from the inverter to the battery had melted! It has never happened before and we’ve given the inverter a pretty good hiding, especially in Tassie! Luckily lunch was

Kids on ripsticks

More harbour views

Lots of very nice boats here

warm enough to eat and Joel will need to organize new, thicker cables when we hit Airlie Beach. We stayed at the Big 4 Airlie Cove Resort. It’s a nice park but the sites were a little muddy and there were no slab sites left big enough for us. The mozzies and midges were starting on me already so out came the coils, candles and sprays!
After set-up we took a drive back through Airle – it’s a very touristy town, with the main street full of small shops, lots of cafes, pubs and a very “beachy feel” to the place. Oh and a Maccas! I can tell the kids are growing up as Maccas is very rarely requested these days. If we are going out for tea they love Thai food or a good pub meal and chicken schnitzel is always a favorite! And they are both eating like horses too! Why can’t they take it in turns to have their growth spurts:) We stopped in at Saunders Beach. It has a nice green lawned area and I think it is a dog beach too. The water was so beautiful and the place so picturesque. While the kids played on their rip-sticks, Joel and I went for a short walk along the boardwalk. The views of the harbour and inlet were magnificent. It was a beautiful, sunny day so everything just sparkled. There are some pretty magnificent boats in this harbour!! We’d love to have done a trip to the Whitsunday Is and chartered a yacht but the weather has been so unpredictable and it does cost a bit so we thought we’d leave it for another time, maybe just

Cafe on the water

The Lagoon=awesome place

Joel and I. Back at camp, Joel managed to find an auto electrician who will make up some new cables for the inverter-battery and we can pick them up tomorrow.
Clothes washing in am but the washing lines are in the shade??? We went for a stickybeak at the shops, some groceries and to pick up the cables, that Joel wanted to fit ASAP. After lunch we headed down to the Lagoon! What a fantastic area in town! It is a lagoon-styled pool, with grassed surrounds, BBQ areas, seats, etc. It sits just back from the beach but is protected at the same time. There’s also a kids paddle pool for the littlies. The boys had a ball here as they met another couple of boys about the same age and they both played in and out of the water for hours. It was good for them as they have been a bit starved of other kids to play with, well Daniel especially. Joel chucked on his running shoes and went for a run around the boardwalk and I went for a good 6km walk. Joel jumped in for a swim with the kids when he got back and I settled for paddling my feet as the water

More of the Lagoon

Mobile rock climbing wall

was quite cool. Joel and I read on the grass for a while until the pruned-up boys had had enough for the day. The boys want to return here tomorrow as the other kids will be coming back again also-sounds good to me! Back at camp and the washing is still not dry at 4pm! We brought it in and hung it up under the awning hoping some of it will dry. The kids caught up on some more schoolwork then we headed into town for a delicious lunch at a local cafe. Then onto the lagoon for an afternoon of swimming, reading and relaxing. We have been very lucky with the weather of late, a bit cloudy but mostly sunny and NO RAIN! Quiet night tonight as heading off to Townsville tomorrow. Our friend Claire had contacted us on fb and told us that the V8 Supercars were on in Towns this weekend and we may find it hard to get accommodation! She was right! Nearly every caravan park was fully booked except for Rowes Bay Caravan Park. They didn’t take bookings, you just had to ring up on the day and see if they had any vacancies. We had a couple of free camps as a back up in case we couldn’t get in anywhere. Luckily there was a large site available for us when we rang Rowes Bay Caravan Parkin the morning- yeah! What a great

Made it to the top

spot! The CP is right across from the beach, which is very tidal but still a lovely spot. After setting up we visited Claire, Corey and Kimberley, our old neighbors from Perth! Rob was at work but joined us later where we had eagle boys pizza and a few bevvies. The weather is nice and hot and a pleasant change from the cold. Joel ran and I walked along the Esplanade – it’s just so nice to walk with these sort of sea views. Joel went to do some odd jobs and

Where can i put my foot?

the kids and I caught up with Claire and the kids at The Esplanade and also some of their friends. There are heaps of concrete areas where the kids could cut sick with their rip sticks and some grass for a bit of footy too.
Joel found us all later and it we had a great afternoon with a great bunch of people. Most people are quite surprised when we say we are traveling and home schooling the kids and most are positive about it and some just down right jealous!:)
There were stalls being set-up on an oval area opposite us and Claire informed us that they have

Too cool for school!

regular Friday night markets here. There was a guy who’d set-up a mobile rock climbing wall, very similar to the one we’d seen at the Mindll Beach Markets in Darwin. The boys were onto to it straight away and the guy in charge was a really nice bloke who had a great rapport with all the kids. They had a blast and certainly got their money’s worth for $5! it did help that they were the

The Esplanade

first ones  on and I suppose other kids can see them on it having fun so it encourages more participation and then more $$$ too. We went back to the van for a shower and change then back to check out the markets, which were packed! Talked to one of the stall holders and they said probably ‘cos the V8 Supercars are on and there’s so many more people in town. There were lots of yummy smells and we all decided on some Massaman beef curry and rice for dinner and ate down at the waterfront! We wandered through the markets and to the boys credit, they didn’t try to hurry me along like they usually do! I love all the home-made stalls and bought some crostoli and got the boys

Relaxing at the Esplanade

and Joel to try it. They loved it – how could you not as it is a deep-fried Italian pastry, dusted with icing sugar. I haven’t made it in a very long time but thought I’ll definitely give it a crack once we get into a house with a kitchen and all my gadgets! A delicious memory of my Nonna and my dad! As quick as I would make it he would be eating it out of the jar.  I also found some yummy home-made jams and got my favorite, plum. The kids bought some glow-in-the-dark stuff and some mini gyrocopters which kept them amused for a while.
Next morning we met Claire and the kids atop Castle Hill where we watched some of the V8 Supercars racing around the tracks. I had the binoculars and a great view of the race-awesome! Unfortunately I am the only petrol-head in my family of boys (Wade is a bit) so they were bored after 20mins so we headed off for lunch at the Esplanade.  I was really tempted to get some tickets but no-one to really go with! The kids rip-sticked and played footy then back to Rob and Claire’s for lamb and steak wraps for dinner. They have just bought a beautiful, big house down along the river and will be moving into it soon. Good luck with all the packing guys:) Fond farewells (again) and back to pack down as tomorrow we are off to Mission Beach.
Till next time


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