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Quick Update Cairns 30 Aug 2011

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on August 30, 2011

Hi Everyone,
Well we’re back in Cairns after an amazing 5 and a half weeks touring Far North Queensland including the Tip. What an awesome adventure we have had and we have met some of the most fantastic people too! Oh and I also managed to get a bit of time to hand-write notes as we didn’t take a laptop – well we were going to but Joel forgot to pack it but that’s a whole other story:)) Suffice to say I have managed to write and catch up a fair bit, on paper at least, so now I need to put pictures to my prose and vuola`, there will be new fodder to read. I’m going to try to catch up to present time so there’ll probably be a few new posts all within a day or two of each other.
Hope you will enjoy reading them as much as we have had living them:)
Michelle and Gang


2 Responses to “Quick Update Cairns 30 Aug 2011”

  1. Marion said

    Glad to here you made it back to Cairns safely I hope there wasn’t any dramas along the way. We to managed to get home relatively unscaved aswell. Look forward to more of your posts. I will send some photos through when I get them sorted. It was so good to meet such a great family we had an absolutely fantastic time. Talk Soon The Bennetts

    • Hi Maz,
      Glad to hear u made it safe and sound. Did you end up out at Normanton? we’ve had an absolute blast and we all agreed it wouldn’t have been half as much fun if we hadn’t met up with the WIngingit crew:) Am slowly going thru photos too, (about 5,500!!) and Joel’s just starting to sort the videos too. When we have sorted them, we;ll send them through.
      Michelle and Co

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