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The Not So Sunny Coast

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on November 1, 2010

Kids and rats

Kids Pizza night

Well we were so excited to be visiting the Websters and we did have a couple of nice sunny days but then the rest of the time it was torrential rain – very unseasonal so everybody tells us – just our luck!

Joel has decided to modify the Landcruiser after much debate.  Between the drawers and the engel fridge in the back there is not much room left for storage and most of it is on the roof, which is fine for travelling but not for 4WDriving.  We found we were too top heavy on the Gibb River Rd trip so the car is going in for a major makeover, in Brisbane.  It will be having the back of the car cut off behind the kids seats, the rear axles pulled back a little, a new tray put on and a canopy (like a work canopy) put on top of the tray.  Apparently this will give us a huge amount of room in the car rather than on the car, so we will see……… Consequently we will be without a vehicle for between 5 and 7 weeks, yes you did read that correctly. We have hired a car for that time and will do some sight-seeing that doesn’t require any 4WDriving.

The first cut of the car

Shark area at Underwater world

We parked the van up at the Websters, next to their beautiful new house and spent some time catching up.  The kids have grown so much since we last saw them at the start of the year. The area around the house is very hilly, green and beautiful and the kids found a new hobby; riding their rip-sticks down the hill, on the road out the front of the house!  There were a few stacks and some bark off knees and legs but no serious damage – thank god.  See those helmets do work:) The area around here is just magnificent, so green and forresty, which i suppose is due to the huge amount of rain they get.

The rainy weather allowed the kids to catch up on their schoolwork and much to their joy we managed to get a few days where it didn’t rain:)

We visited the famous Eumundi Markets which are a  smorgasboard of different foods, artwork, scultptures, jewellry and just about anything and everything you can imagine. They are only on Wednesdays and Saturdays. I went with Joel and the kids which is never a good idea when you want to shop and look and stuff so Lindy took me back another day minus husband and children-Thanks Lindy!

Rav 4 aquarium

Lion fish-maybe they don't like the rain either:)

The weather never quite lent itself to going to the beach so we left that one for next year. We went to Underwater World in Mooloolaba as it is mostly inside and undercover.  The rain even managed to get us while we were watching the seal show but it was still a good day. The aquariums were amazing and there was even a Rav4 that had been converted into an aquarium as well.  The kids had some funny photos in the Kreepy Crawly section and we went into the shark section, where you can walk around and through a perpsex tunnel that runs through the aquarium.  There were some very big fish, sharks and rays in there. I think the kids liked the conveyer walk way where you could hop on and off and read about the fish and hop on and off and on and off….you know how it goes!  I especially like the sea horses, they were amazing and very different to anything i have seen before.  On our way out we spotted an old fashioned lolly shop that we just had to stop and have a look and …well it is a lolly shop after all and you just can’t look and not taste and take some home – hee hee.

A frilly sea horse.

Boys and the Irwins

We managed another day with minimal rain and went to the Australia Zoo. There was so much to see and we spent the whole day there, but still packed our raincoats and an umbrella.  We grabbed a map, with show times and off we went. We walked for most of the day but did catch the shuttle bus a couple of times to make particular “show times”. Wade got very up-close-and-personal with a koala and was stoked that he was allowed to hold one AND get a photo as well!  We watched the “Birds of Prey” show at the “Crocoseum” and the crocs as well.  We learnt a few new things about the asian elephants, watched the tigers and of course went through the snake enclosure – It’s alright Aunty Nicole, they were all behind glass, so no hands-on photos this time:) The whole place is such a wonderful tribute to Steve Irwin and it still makes me very sad to think he is no longer with us.

Wade and his cuddly koala

Boys and Iguana

The Crikey mobile

Boys riding the croc


Love those dodgems

Our next non-rain day was spent at “Aussie World“. It is a world full of rides, with one admission fee and unlimited rides.  There weren’t too many people there and the kids rode for hours.  We all got on the dodgems and because there wasn’t much of a queue we could ride it for ages – Daniel has become a bit of an adrenaline junkie so it looks like “Dreamworld” will definitley be on the cards in a few weeks:) Both the boys went on the rollercoaster and the looks on their faces on the first round was priceless-but they went back for more! Lots of fun was had by all then we finished off with a drink a the “Ettamogah Pub” which was right next door. I used to love reading the Etamogah Pub cartoons when i was a kid – it just so embodies what we are –  Australian!

Ettamogah Pub

After many days of catching up with Lindy and the kids we bid fond farewells and moved the caravan down to Brisbane to the Newmarket Gardens Caravan Park.  We have decided to go on a roadtrip to Cairns to visit my cousin Tanya,  leaving the van behind and visiting a few places on the way up and down to see what it’s all like and see if we can get away from all this RAIN!

Till next time Ciao


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