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Kunna here we come!

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on August 1, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Well we spent a few days in Fitzroy Crossing, staying at the Fitzroy River Lodge doing boring cleaning and maintenance to the car and van. When we got back on Mon night, we put the van onto an unpowered site (that’s all that was left) and thought we’d fill the van water tanks the next day.  So, there we were, about to open a beer when i opened the fridge inside to be met with the most amount of mould i have ever seen in one little fridge!!! Very disheartening after so many nights camping and the smell -geezzuzz! So we filled up the water tanks and spent an hour and a half de-moulding the fridge.  Earned several vodkas and lemon by then!

Daniel's chicken satay wraps

Daniel cooked us chicken satay wraps – Masterchef influence – and it was delicious.  On our last night we met up with Jenny and Greg and Rean and Steff and the boys, who were on their way back from Kununurra towards Karratha.  Joel had made some queso so we popped over to the neighbors for some queso and corn chips and several beers:) After goodbyes to Jenny and Greg (yeah thanks Steff, just run off without even saying goodbye:( – ha ha ha) we headed off for a bush camp overnight then on to Kununurra for a week or so.  After we left the bush camp there was an ungodly squealing noise from under the bonnet.  Normally it goes after a few minutes and is due to dust on the fan belts, etc BUT it didn’t stop.  We finished 300kms and got into Kununurra and i reckon even the dead heard us arriving!  Set up at the Hidden Valley Tourist Park then into town to find out what was going on!  Turns out we had lost the adjusting bolt on the alternator belt so lucky we didn’t try to go any further.  Joel had already rung up Tyrepower in Kununurra earlier to order another Cooper tyre for the car and the car needed a service….so we were definitely in Kunna for at least a week.  Luckily we managed to get in to see Kununurra Exhaust and Suspension and the mechanic there was great.  Showed Joel what was going on and booked us in for the service and fix the squealing noise!  We were also waiting for our mail – we use a mail forwarding service but it takes us about 8-10 days to get our mail, once I have asked them to send it.  I’m hoping that the closer we get to Sydney (or just the eastern states really) that the mail will be delivered much quicker.  We didn’t want to risk doing anymore damage to the car until it was fixed so no 4WD for a few days.  We jumped on our bikes and explored Kunna, spent lots of time in the pool at the park and caught up on some reading and schoolwork for the boys.  We have been to Kununurra about 2 years ago when we were travelling with Joel’s Mum and Dad for the school holidays in July/August, so we had done a lot of the touristy things.

On the BBQ boat

We went on the BBQ Boat, which is a sunset cruise up the Kununurra River past the dam, a huge BBQ feast onboard, magnificent sunset pics and some croc spotting on the way back.

Sunset on BBQ boat

Sleeping Buddha on the water

We loved it last time and it was just as great the second time around.  We passed by the old pumphouse and learned it had been turned into a restaurant so we thought we’d check it out during the week. We went to Kelly’s Knob Lookout, just on the edge of town for some lovely views of the area.  Kununurra is just sooooo green! There is water galore and the agriculture in the area is amazing.  We did a flight over the Bungle Bungles and Kununurra last time (and I would recommend it to anyone!) so we didn’t go this time.  Also we had already been to Lake Argyle as well so we didn’t head up that way either this time.  We did finally get the car back and in tip-top working order, so we thought we’d do the Ivanhoe Crossing and have a look up around that end of town!  The crossing is amazing and very beautiful!  The water that flows through this area is huge!  We had some pelican spectators and even a fresh water croc to watch us do the crossing.  We went back the next day and tried our hand at fishing with lures, but no luck.  I took some more photos of Joel doing the crossing, only this time I was on the far side of the river.  I jumped out of the car and Joel drove across the crossing and then back again so I could get some more good shots!  When he stopped to pick me up, I opened the car door and saw my purse on the side step.  I  said “Gees, lucky this didn’t fall out earlier!” only to realise that it was saturated and had just made the 2 crossings sitting on the side step of the car!  Can’t believe how lucky I was, ‘cos I gotta say I would not have been getting in that water to go find it!  I don’t care that they’re only freshies, I am not going swimming with ’em!

Ivanhoe Crossing

Ivanhoe Crossing-view from the car

Pelicans at Ivanhoe Crossing

The Pumphouse Restaurant

Went to dinner one evening at the Pumphouse Restaurant, food was very yummy but I think we got it on a very busy night as our meals didn’t all come out together.  We tried the lunch menu later in the week and the food was fabulous again and service much better, so maybe just a bad night – God knows we all have them:)  Finally got our mail, packed up and headed out of Kununurra towards the NT border.

Till next time



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