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Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on May 24, 2010

Hi Everyone,
Well it’s funny how things pan out.  We went to a Howard’s storage shop in Cannington last Thursday evening and met Tracey, who helped us out with some drawers and other storage ideas for the van.  We got talking and found out her husband builds off-road caravans.  Long story short, we needed our table to be a bit bigger, a new drawer put in and our drain in our shower looked at.  We popped in on Friday to see Dave at Elross Caravans and he said to bring in our van on Monday morning and he would help us out.  Joel dropped off the van at 7am and sure enough, the van was ready by lunchtime.  We went to pick it up and as Dave was bringing it out on the forklift, he noticed that the jockey wheel lock was quite bent and the steel lock was fractured.  So he set to work grinding off the old lock and welding on a new one, while we were there.  Absolutely one of the nicest and friendliest blokes we’ve met and we would recommend him and his business to anyone.  Thanks heaps Dave and Tracey for putting us in touch!  While we were there we noticed that the rear wheels on the tandem wheels were both scrubbing out on the outside of the tyres.  While we had the van en-tow we stopped at Care-a-van, who underslung the axles for us in November.  They had a quick look and said to bring it in tomorrow morning to have a proper look at it on the ramps. So another early morning tomorrow to drop off the van early, will see how that progresses.

As we wanted to get the van in early to Dave, we had decided to partially unpack the van (ie mattresses, bedding, clothes, etc) into the house (Joel’s mum and dad’s) and camp out in the loving room.  Looks like we’ll be spending another night in the house.

In between all of this, Joel and I decided that we needed to get this sat dish internet working or else there’d be no point in taking the bloody thing.  So we set it up and played.  After a few breaks, to pick up the van, etc, we finally managed to get the internet to work.  It’s set up through a sat dish, with programs on the laptop to set it up but the program was giving us elevations that were off.  Once we figured that out we were in business.  There was a lot of cursing and Joel did say, several times, that this is stupid and blah, blah, blah.  Perserverance is one of my strong points (that and i couldn’t let it beat me more like it) so re-read everything and tweaked all the settings on the laptop and the actual dish and vuola` it was working.  Sounds easy but by 5pm i was ready to throw the dish like and oversized frisbee into the great beyond too!  The kids think we are Gods because we have the internet again and after we went out for tea, they had showers and went online for a little while before bed.

Joel has been busy working on the van in the last few days as well.  The kids have lights above their beds but they were put in the corner and they can’t read in bed, so Joel has replaced them with 12v moveable lights.  He also put in 12v fans at the ends of their beds and ours as we spent a night at Coronation beach some months ago, where you’re not allowed to run the generators after 9pm.  We rocked up at 8pm and took Barney down to the water so we could all have a cool off but the van was very hot and stuffy.  It will be good to try out the fans when we get further north.

Now that the sat dish is working properly, Joel wants to mount the set-top-box, the modem and router in the van and put coaxial points on the outside, so we can pull up, set up and plug in the dish and if we stay for a few days can leave it set up without it getting knicked.  So looks like we’re off to the shops again tomorrow for cable and bits’n’pieces.  It’s very handy having an electrician on site! Will keep you posted as to how that goes.

Cheers for now



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  1. Bluey said

    Joel probably hasnt worked this hard in Years.
    Got your in dash “navigation candy” yet?

    • Yep and it is fan-bloody-tastic! Joel has been playing with it but have only used the on-road nav as haven’t been off-road yet. Will be heading out of Perth on Thursday so we might give it a go then. It has heaps of Hema maps loaded, especially in Kimberleys so just gotta wait till we get there – but will be sure to let you all know how it goes.

  2. Frank said

    Havn’t you left bloody Perth yet??The wet coming you know. That poor car won’t be able to move with the amount of s#*t your trying to put in there.Just got home after night shift which I bet your missing already.No time to read now with all that work your doing to the van HEHE

    • Yeah well we left on Thursday ‘cos we were sick of the rain and after getting up at 3am Wed night to pull in the awning before it blew away, we went yep let’s get otta town! In Karajini now and here for a few days, enjoying nature at it’s best. Keep you posted – hope Chris is feeling better soon:)

  3. John Lewis (aka Pop) said

    whoops what happend to my comments that i slaved over day before
    yesterday?????. this is uncle john aka as Pop and the erratic
    two fingerd typist. probably be read on satelite up in space and
    i went to so much trouble to tell how much i enjoyed your saga. now i will just have to it all over again sometime.but anyway
    i read it all and was most impressed told my brother ( your dad
    joel)when i saw him yesterday.iwill make this a short note as it
    is nearly cocktail time here.and hope for better results next
    time. love to all uncle john.

    • Hi John, Thanks for the comments:) We did get the first comment, all is not lost. We are having a ball and i have to get moving and update our adventures to where we are now. We are in Darwin and the weather is very warm – 33 degrees most days. We’re heading off overseas for about 10days while we are here then onwards through Kakadu towards Qld. Hope you are all well, Love the Travelling Lewis’.

    • Hi John,
      Definitely got this comment and the last one too LOL:)- they didn’t get lost. Thanks for taking the time to read the blog – it’s nice to hear. We’ll try to keep it lively – makes for better reading – Take Care, Love the Travelling Lewis’.

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