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Cold and Raining in Perth

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on May 23, 2010

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for the lack of info but haven’t had internet for over a week and am just getting over the shakes from withdrawal!:]  We have finally finished packing the sea container with most of our belongings and headed off from sunny Karratha on Sunday 16th May.   A big thank-you to all our friends who helped us out with dinner invites, furniture moving, packing and generally keeping us sane during what can only be described as thoroughly tiring time.  We are taking our push bikes with us and must say a big Thank-you also to Bez Engineering who engineered a fitting for us on the back of the caravan so as to take a 4-bike-bikerack.  The bikes have travelled well and not moved at all and believe me we checked every time we pulled over for a break so they didn’t come off or worse into other traffic.

bike rack

After all the packing and sorting we finally put the van on the road out-of-town on Sunday and headed for Carnarvon.  We woke to a brisk 11 degrees on Monday morning and Michelle saying nope don’t want to get up out of bed…..Mmm if only i knew what temps lay ahead maybe we would have stayed a bit longer:). On Monday we headed off to Geraldton to stay with my friend Shelley who cooked us a culinary delight of chicken and noodles and a yummy bread and butter pudding with caramel sauce.  We felt very spoilt, thanks Shelley!  And every time i watch Man vs Wild i will remember you!! It was a cool night in Gero as well so after goodbyes the night before, as Shelley was off to work early in the morning, we headed off to Perth.  We headed down Great Northern Hwy and decided to turn off at Muchea as we needed to be in Wanneroo by early afternoon.  We had gone maybe a couple of kms when some drongo old bloke in a wagon decided to pull out from a T-intersection on the road in front of us and damn near kill us.  Luckily the ABS brakes on the car and the brakes on the van were working well and Joel’s reflexes too so we managed to avoid a collision, just – the kids have now attributed Dad with Ninja-like reflexes!!  After a few deep breaths and some blue language, we took some delight in the thought that the old man’s wife, sitting in the front seat next to him, would be making his life hell for at least the next few hours, as the look on her face was golden! Not quite sure why this font has grown somewhat but will see if can fix it.

So after that, we headed into Wanneroo to collect our sat dish, which will do both TV and internet.  We stayed with Daniel of Applied Audio Accessories and Maric RV Services for a couple of hours going through the set-up.  We set up tv the next day but the weather has been so wet that the internet is waiting till tomorrow to sort out.

We landed at Joel’s Mum and Dad’s place and are parked up on their front lawn.  We have had some extra goodies added to the car, namely a new Kenwood GPS system, which is FANTASTIC.  It does on-road and off-road GPS, has a  wicked stereo system, ipod compatible and runs DVDs.  If you are after something similar then Brian Wallis at Autotainment is the man to speak to.  He is at 289 Great Eastern Hwy, Burswood and is very passionate about his work. Oh and the system is really good – Hey Frank, we will video us using it both on-road and off and post it to you.  We are very impressed so far.  It has the Hema maps loaded onto it so we’re keen to try them out. We also had a new set of tyres put onto the car – including the 2 spares – Cooper ST.  We were very impressed as they are nowhere near as noisy on the road as we thought they might be – read- can still hear the stereo!

We have found that the shower has a blockage in the drain – and tomorrow we are taking the van over to Elross Caravans for them to have a look at it for us. They are also making a new table for us and a drawer for Joel’s bedside cupboard.  They have kindly organised to fit us in tomorrow for which we are very grateful as they are very busy:).

The kids have been busy with school work but have had a couple of days off – but little do they know we’ll be back into it tomorrow morning!

On saturday night we went our for dinner with family and close friends – thanks guys for a great night.  It is slowly starting to sink in that we won’t be back for a couple of years and even though it’s a bit sad and we will miss them all, it’s also still very exciting going on this trip.  It was Wade’s birthday on Saturday as well and we celebrated with dinner at The Last Drop Pub and Brewery and he was wrapt with his Docker’s cap and jumper and cash – I might need to hit him up for a loan sometime:).

So hoping for some sunny weather again in the next few days to get the last of the washing out-of-the-way, get the satellite internet sorted out and get back to some warmer weather.  So all going well we should be out on the road again, heading north on Wednesday or Thursday.

Thanks for all the good wishes, will be more punctual on the updates, i promise:))

Till next time



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