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20 days to go……..

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on April 27, 2010

Well house has sold and Joel has given his notice at work so i can sing from the rooftops “20 DAYS TO GO!!”.  We aim to be leaving Karratha on 16th – 17th May, heading quickly down to Perth first for a few last minute items and to say our fond farewells to family and friends.  We seem to have done this trip to Perth soooo many times that we have it down pat!  The saddest part of our trip will be having to leave our beautiful dog Barney with a friend (Thanks Rosie – you’re the best!) and not seeing him for awhile.  But we thought long and hard about it and felt we would be too restricted having him with us and we hope that he doesn’t forget us ‘cos we definitely won’t forget him!


We'll miss u Barney:(

Well best get back on to the packing and sorting. I have been doing bits ‘n pieces for a few months but until you get a definite date to leave (and your husband gives his notice!!!) it’s a little hard to pack away things you still use in your daily life….but we’re getting there.  Already had the HUGE garage sale and only got a few bits ‘n pieces left to go.  I have still to organise a mail forwarding system for us but am working on that! and putting our bills onto web views and…………..oh my god there’s still so much to do!

Till next time



3 Responses to “20 days to go……..”

  1. Wolfgang said

    Hey Joel – pressed a button and my last comment went somewhere (technology urggh) without me actually signing it off.

    I hope the comment gets to you.

    All the very best.


  2. Bluey said

    I can still pick Barney up from Rosie and meet you on the road if you have any second thoughts.
    Is he like Hooch and eats upholstry?

    • Yeah, thanks Bluey. Don’t know what Barney would think of this cold weather and the van just ain’t big enought for the 5 of us! Luckily he’s not like Hooch although he did have a thong fetish when he was younger but luckily he has outgrown it:) Cheers

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