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Hello Everyone

Posted by lewisfamilyexploringoz on April 7, 2010

Joel, Michelle, Daniel and Wade

Joel, Michelle, Daniel and Wade

Hi Everyone,

We are Joel, Michelle, Daniel and Wade Lewis and we are planning to sell our house and travel around this great, big country of ours for a couple of years. We have talked about it for years and after losing some very close family and friends we decided to stop putting things off that we wanted to do and JUST DO IT! (Sorry for the NIKE reference:))

To all our friends and family, this will be a diary of our travels, the places we go, the people we meet and the weird and wonderful things we will get up to.  I have never blogged before but i am learning heaps and quite enjoying it.  Those that know me know how much i love technoloy, so it won’t surprise you in the slightest that i will be getting a two-way sat dish that will do tv (yeah say the kids) but will also allow us to have email and internet just about ANYWHERE!!!! 

I’ll be updating the blog as we go and also as we get closer to actually leaving on our big trip.

We have decided, after lots of researching, to home-school the boys.  I specifically didn’t want to do SIDE (school of distance education) as we didn’t want to be set to a timeframe to be at a particular place in time to be sure to get schoolwork at a pre-determined time.  So i have been off to Woolridges and picked up lots of resourses for the boys (and us) and we’ll have the internet so they will also have access to almost unlimited resources!  (See – luv technology!!)  I have a few teacher friends, who i have been hitting up for advice and probably will continue to do so as we travel. (You lucky devils!)

So until next time,



4 Responses to “Hello Everyone”

  1. Tania Mudge said

    I can’t wait to hear about your adventures, You can teach me how to blog as I have started one, just cant find the time to get it going. Have a safe and wonderful trip and enjoy enjoy enjoy xxx

  2. Nicole Lewis said

    Hi Guys-loving your blog already. I LOVE “The Swamp”. I can’t belieive you are on your way. Keep us posted-Love The other Lewis’s xxx

    • Thanks Aunty Cole:)) We are loving the swamp and are loving Karijini at the moment. Kids are swimming in sub-zero temps, but so did we today. Worked up a sweat walking the gorges and decided on a dip in one of the pools – holy shit it was cold! Kids are having a ball and seem to be mixing the whole school, playing and exploring quite well at the moment. Cross fingers it stays that way. Sorry we didn’t get to see you again before we left but Perth just too cold and miserable for us. We woke up about 3am last Wed with that storm and Joel & I had to pull in the awning before it got ripped off, in the rain too. I think that pretty well did it for us Princesses from the Pilbara! Thurs arvo we headed out of town to the sunshine. Take Care, will catch you online sometime on fb. Love to all, from The Crew from the Swamp. xx

  3. John Lewis (aka Pop) said

    Hi michael joel and kids,really enjoyed your saga, read it a
    couple of days ago on strict insructions from Connie.you sure
    have packed some experience into few short weeks.doubt i could
    hack it at my age.at least when i was sailing a hundred years ago,( it seems) the only trouble was sea snakes! but it appears
    that you have no trouble combatting ferocios inhabitants, wild
    rivers, poisones snakes,flat tyres, and numerous other hazards.
    not tp mention having to stop every five minutes for food.sounds
    like you will come back fat fat fat!have good time enjoy your
    selves and come back safe and sound. love Pop.(sorry for typos and spelling, still p/plates as far as this sort of thing is

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